What Steps Should I Take After My Truck Accident?

Truck Accident

Truck collisions usually cause very catastrophic injuries to victims and serious damage to the vehicles involved because of the sheer size of the truck itself. In such situations, the victim’s only thought should be getting immediate medical attention and full recovery. Suppose you have been involved in a collision involving a truck and are fortunate enough to escape with minor injuries. In that case, you can protect your legal options by taking crucial next steps after a truck accident.

Call the police

It is important to let law enforcement officers know about the collision, how many people have been involved in the crash, and the exact location so they can send ambulances. Even if the crash appears to be minor, you should still contact the police to get a police report.

A police report will allow you to have instant documentation of the collision. In addition, the police will safely keep correct information about all the vehicles involved in the crash.

Get medical attention

Sometimes you may not feel pain or see any injuries but there are internal injuries and bleeding which can only be detected through diagnostic testing. Therefore, getting a thorough medical check-up can protect you from any future medical complications. Moreover, your medical records will demonstrate that you got injured in the collision rather than in past incidents.

Collect evidence of the collision

Gather all the evidence you can from the crash scene, such as videos and pictures of the damaged vehicles, the license plates, the condition of the road, and the weather conditions in the area. Moreover, you should take pictures of them immediately.

In addition to that, you should also exchange information with the other drivers who have been involved in the crash including their contact details, plate numbers, licenses, and birthdates.

Collect contact information from witnesses

You should gather contact details from any witness bystanders because chances are, they may leave once the emergency response team has arrived and things are under control. Once they go, you may never be able to track them down yet they may have valuable information to share.

If you are in a position to ask a witness their phone number, email address, or name, don’t hesitate to do so. This information can be helpful to your lawyer and police when conducting a crash investigation.

Get your vehicle appraised

Even though your vehicle may appear to have only minor damages, there may be some internal damages that are not visible to the untrained eye. Therefore, you should hire a professional to establish the damages and the repair estimates. However, you should not repair your vehicle immediately because the vehicle repair expenses need to be included in the compensation amount.

Contact a knowledgeable attorney

You should hire an experienced attorney to help you pursue your legal options and fight for your fairest compensation as you focus on recuperating.

In order to safeguard your legal options after a collision, you should call the police, seek medical attention, take pictures of the scene, gather evidence from witnesses, get your vehicle appraised and contact an attorney as soon as possible.

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