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Types of Brain Injuries, Causes & Symptoms That you Should Know

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Head injuries are common occurrences and can have devastating effects on one’s life. According to Brain Injury Alliance, about 2.8 million Americans sustain traumatic brain injuries each year. These result in thousands of deaths and head injury claims. There are multiple types of brain injuries, and understanding the symptoms helps in early detection and treatment. That’s not all, though! If you suffer brain or head injuries, it’s best to seek help from a brain injury attorney.

What are the common types of brain injuries?

There are two main types of brain injuries. These are the acquired and traumatic brain injuries. Acquired brain injuries result from falls, road accidents, tumors, or stroke and typically occur from birth. Similarly, traumatic brain injuries result from head trauma or head injuries. They are common during road accidents, falls, and accidents at home or in the workplace.

An attorney can help you get the rightful compensation after incurring such injuries. For this reason, most people visit when seeking the best brain injury attorneys.

What are the major causes of brain and head injuries?

Traumatic brain injuries normally result from violent blows to the head. The injuries can be mild or severe. Mild traumatic brain injuries can affect your brain cells temporarily, but severe brain injuries can lead to bruising, bleeding, and physical damages to your brain. The signs of such injuries can appear immediately while others take longer to exhibit.

The common causes of brain injuries include;

1. Falls

Falls affect people of all ages but are common in children and the elderly. They are a common cause of traumatic brain injuries and include falling from the bed, ladder stairs, or in the shower.

2. Vehicle collisions

Collisions may involve cars, motorcycles, or bicycles. They mainly include passengers and pedestrians and are a common cause of brain and head injuries.

3. Violence

These involve gunshot wounds, abuse, domestic violence, and any form of assault that can inflict injuries on the head.

4. Sports

Head and brain injuries are common among athletes. They result from sporting activities like football, hockey, boxing, basketball, and skating. They are common in high-impact sports activities, and all athletes should watch out for signs of head injuries after sporting events.

What are the signs of traumatic brain injuries?

There are multiple indications for traumatic brain injuries. The most prevalent one is unconsciousness. This can be a brief form of unconsciousness or dizziness after banging your head on a doorway or slipping at work. This can be accompanied by aches, feeling exhausted, nausea, vomiting, memory loss, and sleeping problems.

When should I engage an attorney?

Brain injuries can range from mild to severe and necessitate prompt medical attention. If you suffer serious brain injuries due to the negligence of another party, an attorney will come in handy. They will examine the extent of the damages and guide you in filing a compensation claim. The attorney will help you hold the liable party responsible and negotiate for a reasonable settlement.

The bottom line

There a different types of brain injuries. These exhibit in different ways, and it’s best to seek medical help promptly. Also, engage a skilled attorney to guide you in the process of filing a claim. Brain injury cases are complex and require legal guidance and expertise.

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