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A personal injury case is given when an individual suffers wounds, health harm and damage to property in certain circumstances, directly caused by someone else and therefore becoming the accountable party.

As result, the victim has the right to perform a lawsuit and a claim, in order to obtain a reasonable financial compensation. This is the ultimate goal of a personal injury attorney.

With the support of a personal injury attorney, making a suitable and actual winning case based on facts is possible, since medical consequences, possible impairment, pain, great expenses and suffering can be proved through evidence, as sequels of an accident where other was to blame.

But, which are exactly the incidentals that are covered by an injury attorney and get legal representation? This topic can be very extensive and complex, so let´s find out.

Most common personal injury cases and claims

Circumstances where a person may suffer injures due to someone else´s carelessness, negligence or inattention can be very wide.

So, the characteristics of the incident depending on the place and time where it occurs, greatly differ from one case to the other.

For instance, a car accident is very different from a product liability or a slip and fall situation, because of the very nature of the event, possible consequences and other descriptions.

The most common personal injury cases and associated claims are:

1. Car accidents

Car crashes is the most frequent cause of personal injury claims in the United States. Unfortunately, a careless maneuver, vehicle malfunction, not following a traffic sign, reckless driving or operating a car under the influence can lead to an auto accident.

The results could be catastrophic; wrongful death, severe injuries, permanent impairment and more.

Since car incidentals involve complex circumstances and surrounding to investigate, along with other difficult features from the point of view of the law, there are injury lawyers that focus specifically on this type of fatality, who are known as car accident attorneys and also address truck and motorcycle incidentals.

2. Worker´s compensation

Worker´s compensation is the type of case where the personal injury victim suffered the incidental under work environment and because of direct negligence accountable on a third party.

Work accidents are also quite common, particularly in factories, plants and other similar facilities that frequently involve highly risky conditions to labor on.

Injury attorneys addressing this sort of case handle the required areas of the law to obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible, considering every aspect and condition in which the accident, unfortunately, happened to achieve such a goal.

3. Product liability

Severe injuries are possible to appear as a result of the direct effect of taken products: drugs and pills, food and similar. If this is the case and it gets proved by the corresponding investigation, it is possible to ask for a corresponding compensation.

In the same way, product liability does not only include food or medication, but also other faulty consumer articles that at some point led to damage and directly harm the user, affecting their quality of life and health.

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