Debunking the Most Common Lawyer Myths That Exist Today

Common Lawyer Myths

According to the World Justice Project, nearly half of people have experienced a legal issue in the last two years that severely impacted their wellbeing. Yet only 29% of people turned to an attorney for help.

There are some pervasive lawyer myths that may be keeping people from seeking help. Many may believe that a lawyer will only add to their stress, rather than relieving it.

If you’re dealing with a legal problem, watch out for these lawyer myths when deciding whether you should contact an attorney.

Myth: You Don’t Need a Lawyer

With the internet and other digital resources making it easier than ever to DIY almost anything, you may believe that you can also DIY your own court case.

But if you thought you can handle the law just as well as a lawyer, think again. The U.S. Government Accountability Office found that people seeking disability benefits were three times more likely to win if they had a representative.

A trained lawyer knows what details are important, how the law works, and how to best make your case. Without one, your chances of success may be much lower.

Myth: All Lawyers Can Handle Any Type of Case

While lawyers know their craft well, it doesn’t mean they’re prepared for all types of law.

Many lawyers are specialists, not generalists, and they focus on only a few areas of expertise. You can find a lawyer for almost everything, from a traffic claim attorney to a nursing home lawyer.

Get to know your lawyer’s specialties in the discovery phase before actually hiring them for your case.

Myth: Lawyers Are Expensive

Many people avoid hiring an attorney because they think it will cost them too much money. But this is a myth that needs to be debunked for good.

There are multiple types of legal representatives that charge a variety of rates. In some cases, you can even work with a free public defender.

For times when you must pay for a lawyer, there are forms of financial aid available, depending on your city or state.

And remember, many lawyers don’t charge anything until after your case is over. Once you’ve won and are eligible to receive compensation, they take their percentage from your earnings, still leaving you with much more than if you didn’t hire their help.

Myth: You Shouldn’t Trust Lawyers

Some people believe that lawyers are dishonest, working behind the scenes with police, judges, and others who might prevent you from winning your case.

In fact, the best lawyer will work collaboratively with others involved in your case to help you, not hurt you. But this never involves bribes or other under-the-table deals. And nothing should ever be kept secret. Your lawyer should be transparent about the entire legal process, keeping your interests in mind throughout.

Common Lawyer Myths, Debunked

If you’re questioning if you should hire a lawyer, do your research and be aware of some common lawyer myths. No matter what your legal issue is, a lawyer is available to help.

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