Rodan and Fields Lash Boost Lawsuit


In a recent complaint filed in a California court, a plaintiff named Ironshore, a marketing consultant, alleges that Lash Boost contains a drug called isopropyl cloprostenol, which the FDA requires to be labeled as a drug. This ingredient is also the cause of adverse reactions such as swelling, irritation, and itchiness. As a result, consumers are seeking damages for their experience with Lash Boost, a potentially expensive product.

This lawsuit cites the manufacturer, Rodan, and Fields, for failing to disclose the ingredients in its Lash Boost eye serum.

The company has denied any wrongdoing and says the product is safe. Its instructions for use make it clear that Lash Boost is not safe and does not provide long-term results. The company has been sued in two separate class-action suits in California, and the case has a chance to go to trial in federal court.

The complaint claims that Rodan and Fields are aware of the lawsuit brought by Ironshore, and is reviewing it. In the meantime, the company is defending itself by saying that it is a “major player” in the case. As a result of the filings, the company is liable to consumers who were harmed by Lash Boost. It is important to note that a class action may involve a large number of consumers.

The Rodan and Fields Lash Boost lawsuit was first filed in 2018. This lawsuit has alleged that the serum caused swelling and pain in the eye and was not safe. The company has said that it provided clear instructions for its products but has also failed to disclose the risks and potential side effects of its products. The plaintiff claims that the company breached its policy agreement by failing to notify Ironshore of a replacement insurer or to submit invoices for its legal defense.

The plaintiff claims that the company is liable for the side effects of the Lash Boost eye serum.

The product has caused drooping eyelids and infections. It can also lead to visual impairment. In addition, the plaintiff alleges that the product does not protect her from infections. While this is true, the lawsuit against Rodan + Fields is a class action based on false advertising.

In the initial year, the Lash Boost eye serum sold over $200 million in revenue for Rodan and Fields. The company’s lawsuit was filed because the serum has a high risk of causing side effects. In the lawsuit, the manufacturer claims that the product has misled customers with false claims about its safety. The plaintiffs claim that the products have caused severe injuries and damages. They are seeking compensation for the suffering.

A lawsuit has also been filed against the manufacturer.

The manufacturer has refused to respond to the complaint. According to Ironshore’s complaint, “The defendant’s product has the same adverse effects as prostaglandin analogs.” This case has now reached the federal level. In the meantime, the company is seeking to prevent this type of litigation from occurring in the future. The plaintiff is claiming that she has suffered serious health conditions since using the product.

The Lash Boost lawsuit was brought by Ironshore and a few other plaintiffs.

In the first case, the company failed to properly disclose that the serum contained prostaglandin analogs, which can increase the pigmentation of the eye’s iris and skin around the eyes. These chemicals have been associated with serious side effects, including a decreased ability to see in the dark and decreased eye function. The company has yet to respond to the suit.

The Rodan and Fields lawsuit outlines the company’s failure to adequately disclose the ingredients of its Lash Boost eyelash serum. The lashes were not treated correctly, and the company did not respond to their complaints. However, the firm does acknowledge the lawsuit and is reviewing it. It is unable to comment on whether the underlying claims in the suit are accurate. As a result, the lashes boosted in the lawsuit are allegedly not a natural product.

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  1. I have used Lash Boost for several years. I have developed dark pigmentation on my eyelids and have a swollen pocket under one eye. Can I get a refund on this product?

  2. I have bought several lash boost from Rodan and Fields in the past couple years but stopped using sue to burning of eyes after use

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