5 Ways Transcription Services Help Law Firms


Every law firm has tons of confidential and important material that is generated on a regular basis – from audio files of cases and hearings to video recordings of statements, there’s always a steady stream of data that comes in every day.

When it comes to listening and noting down important points of an audio file, the process can get frustrating. This is primarily because the attorney or staff member will have to go through a clip over and over till they find what they need.

This is where legal transcription can come in handy!

By having a document with error-free, accurate data, your work becomes much easier. Since most legal transcription services have transcriptionists who are well-versed with legal terminology and jargon, you can rest assured that your data will be handled well and the transcripts you get will be of high quality.

If you’re looking for ways transcription services can help law firms, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a list of the various benefits legal transcription can bring to your law firm.

Let’s take a look!

1.Easy Access To Important Information

Filing and storing confidential data is a routine practice at every law firm.

While each member of a firm has their responsibilities to look after, investing time in going over audio files may take up more effort and time than usual. That said, a transcription service can easily handle this for you, leaving you only with the task of storing the documents with yourself.

Since there’s a chance that multiple people might require information from a specific audio file, having a transcript makes things easier for everyone; anyone in your team or firm can easily access this information whenever required.

Additionally, through this, paperwork and filing becomes a lot easier saving you considerable time and effort.

However, this also means working with a trustworthy transcription service as all the information you hand over to them will require discretion, proper care and handling.

2. Accurate And Error-Free Transcripts

Recordings from legal fields tend to be full of technical jargon and terminology that is not used by everyone. If your law firm is working with a client who is uninformed about these terms, it might take you more time than required to make sure they understand the process well.

In such situations, a transcript can prove to be extremely beneficial in helping your client better understand the process. Moreover, since professional transcriptionists have enough experience, they can put together abbreviations of technical terminology in the transcript.

From different accents and dialects to phrases and abbreviations, they have enough data about all important information which helps them create an error-free transcript.

Moreover, a physical document of the information can help make things easier for you; it’ll give you better insights and you might be able to identify crucial information which you may have missed out on the audio file.

3. Personalised Transcripts

Another great advantage of hiring transcription services for your law firm is that you can ask the transcriptionist to compile the data according to your preferences, making work much easier for you.

A full verbatim transcription will provide you with a word-to-word transcript that will include off-topic conversations and interruptions. On the other hand, a verbatim transcript edits out all the unwanted details, leaving out all the filler words and slangs. Additionally, detailed-notes transcription is even briefer; it contains only the important, on-point information with the main points being concise.

Based on your requirements, you can ask your transcriptionist to provide you with a personalised transcript including the meaning of abbreviations without unnecessary information. This will further make your work more efficient and quick.

4. Information Can Be Easily Shared

A transcript is essentially a document stating the conversation of a particular audio or video file. Since different attorneys may be working on the same case as yours, having a transcript makes it easier to share confidential information.

Instead of asking every attorney involved about details of the recording, you can rely on a transcript to give you all the information you need. By having written records, you can easily use them in court when trying to prove a point or formulate a new strategy for appeal.

Moreover, since transcripts present factual information, they serve as a handy defence tool. You can use them whenever required, as presenting evidence or facts on time can have a considerable impact on the outcome of the situation or hearing.

5. Secured Information

It’s a given fact that security is an important priority for every law firm. Since the legal information you require to be transcribed will be sensitive and confidential in nature, a law firm cannot take any risks when it comes to who accesses the information.

That said, every transcription service has existing regulations and protocols when it comes to handling information. The best transcriptionists always adhere to strict rules and policies meaning if you entrust your information to them, the security of your data is guaranteed.

From NDA (non-disclosure agreements) to ISO accreditations, there are many different things you could consider or take a look at to decide which legal transcription service works best for you. Furthermore, most professional transcriptionists have robust cyber security measures along with other security solutions that ensure everything stored with them is protected at all times.

By making sure you check on the facilities and protocols of the company, you can hire the best transcription service for your law firm that is sure to ease your workload considerably.

To Conclude

Working with a professional transcription service can help you get quality transcripts that are sure to help you in different areas of your work. From saving your time to providing accurate information, a transcription service can bring many benefits to your law firm.

A streamlined process, accurate data, accessible transcripts and secure information – hiring a professional transcriptionist is sure to help your law firm immensely.

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