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Traffic Attorney Near Me – Where To Find a Traffic Attorney?

Traffic Attorney Near Me

If your traffic ticket is in the central and northern Atlanta metro counties, a traffic attorney can often refer you to an Atlanta traffic lawyer near you for help with court dates or represent you in defending related misdemeanor or felony cases against your criminal charge. The Georgia law provides for a minimum of twenty-five days to be allotted from the date of a citation to the date of the court hearing. Any time within this twenty-five-day time frame may be utilized to appear at the court and ask to be discharged without having to appear in court. It is not always possible to work out a payment schedule between the person you are charged with the violation, the court, the defense, or the judge or the jury.

Many people do not have enough money to pay their fines for a traffic violation, so they plead guilty or no contest and accept a plea bargain to have less expensive fines that will allow them to pay the citation in time and avoid spending more money to hire a private attorney. While this option works well for many, it does not help those who cannot afford to hire an attorney. An Atlanta traffic attorney can help you with getting the proper fines and penalties reduced so that you can pay your fines and court costs on time and avoid the financial burden of hiring a private attorney.

Traffic Attorney Near Me

Traffic attorneys in Atlanta handle all types of traffic violations. The most common traffic offense is speeding. Speeding laws in the city limits and in the rest of the state are very strict, and if you are caught speeding, you could spend months in jail. If you cannot afford an attorney, you can be forced to plead guilty and pay the fine.

If you do not appear in court on the date and time set by the judge, then the judge can impose additional fines for the violation and will also refer the case to the clerk of court who will further charge you for a penalty assessment that includes the cost of the citation and the fees to have it placed on your driving record. In addition to the fine, you will lose points on your driver’s license, which is a permanent record. Having your license suspended or revoked for one year, as well as a large fine, can be the result of a traffic offense, which you cannot appeal unless you hire a Georgia traffic attorney.

Find a Traffic Attorney near me

Each violation of a traffic law is considered a separate offense and must be defended individually. It is best to hire a Traffic Attorney near me to have a thorough understanding of your particular type of traffic violation and the legalities involved in each situation.

If you find yourself facing a traffic ticket and cannot afford to retain a private lawyer, the court may appoint an appointed lawyer to represent you, either an Assistant Public Defender or a private court appointed lawyer. You may also choose to have a court appointed lawyer refer you to an Atlanta Traffic Attorney to represent your case. The court appointed lawyer has the same qualifications as the private attorney except that he or she will typically be familiar with the court system.

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