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How to Prepare for a Personal Injury Lawyer Consultation

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After experiencing a personal injury, there is a need to consult a qualified and experienced attorney to assist you with the claims. It is essential to prepare yourself for the initial consultation to ensure you get the best out of the initiative. Also, preparing for the meeting will help speed up the process and help you know what to expect. Read on to gain insights on how to be ready.

Preparing for a Personal Injury Lawyer Consultation

Consulting a personal injury lawyer is essential in an accident where another party is liable for the happenings. It may be negligence, but you need to seek compensation for damages when someone less is responsible for personal injuries. Therefore, the first meeting with an attorney will entail talking about the case and getting the legal perspective about claims. Then, you can decide whether you will pursue compensation for the damages or not.

Ensure you are honest about the happenings when consulting a Grillo Law personal injury lawyer. Be detailed about the accident and its impact on your life. The legal experts can help you establish the different angles to tackle a personal injury case. You should consult a lawyer who handles personal injury claims since they have the skills and experience of tackling similar cases to yours. Below are things you will need to do before the meeting with the attorney;

Have Relevant Records

Word of mouth is not effective in tackling personal injury cases. You will need documents like a police report and medical assessments to support your claims. Even if you cannot get all the documents at the first meeting, the personal injury lawyer can help you get them before building a case. Here are some records you will need to have;

  • Accident documentation; apart from the police report, it would help to have images to show how the accident was. Also, a witness’s accounts can help with the case. So, ensure you provide all the information you could get during the accident.
  • Medical records; keep records of medical assessments and treatments from the time of the accident. It includes any plans for recovery as the doctor prescribes. Include details of all the institutions and medical practitioners you go to. The documents should be dated accordingly.
  • Details about insurance; if you have medical or auto insurance cover, share the information with the lawyer. It includes the account numbers.
  • Information relating to your work; an injury can make you lose income due to inability to work. You should have information about the money lost from being out of work.

Prepare the Questions to Ask

You will likely have your questions about the personal injury claims. Writing them down ensures you do not forget anything during the consultation. It may include inquiries about the time it will take to complete the process or the compensation you can get. However, ensure you learn about the attorney by the questions you ask. Enquire about the legal representation fees. In most cases, the lawyer gets their money as a percentage of the payout. However, you need to discuss the details about the charges to know what to expect.


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