Guide To Free Legal Aid In Texas


With so many options, people are afraid to hire an attorney, but there is no reason for fear. Their own personal networks and the internet provide them with ample resources for finding the best attorneys for their needs. Following the steps outlined below will ensure that they find the right lawyers.


Asking people they know for a recommendation on a good attorney is one of the best ways to find a lawyer in Dallas area. Hearing how the attorney performed while working for a friend gives people very good inside information. An excellent way to find the best person to interview is to ask someone with a similar problem. Talking to about six different people with the same type of issue will give people several options for a lawyer in the Dallas area.

The Internet

It’s also a good idea to perform an internet search. Nolo maintains a lawyer directory that can be very helpful to people searching for an attorney. The lawyers profiled on this website have enough information for people to make the right decision for their cases. Every lawyer listed has a good reputation with their bar associations, and they are all licensed.

Referral Services for Lawyers

People have many referral services to choose from, and some are better than others, but this is another good place to find a lawyer in the Dallas area. These referral services screen attorneys before they list them, but everyone must ask the referral service what qualifications it requires attorneys to have and how they screen their prospects.

Legal Aid

Some people may need an attorney but are concerned about the fees. They may contact their local legal aid office if their cases are not criminal cases, and they will receive pro bono assistance for their legal issues.

The County’s Bar Association

The bar associations in a county or city can refer people to a lawyer in the Dallas area, but these associations may not screen their attorneys for their qualifications. They can also consult the database maintained by the American Bar Association.


Attorneys are an excellent source for helping people find a lawyer in the Dallas area. Attorneys in a particular field of practice will also know others in that same practice area. Most importantly, attorneys are very aware of other lawyers’ reputations. Clients must keep in mind that the attorney may receive a fee for referring them to another lawyer, and this fee may influence his or her recommendation.

Conduct Interviews with Attorneys

Now that there are several options, people can narrow their lists down by interviewing these attorneys. The following questions are a good start for the initial interview:

Is your caseload very heavy? Do you have enough time to spend on my case?

How do you like to be paid? Do you require a lump sum payment, or do you accept installments?

Have you ever been called before a disciplinary body?

Have you ever had a case like mine before? What was the result of that case?

How long have you been a practicing attorney?

Is your first consultation free? How much do you charge for it?

Other Considerations

When meeting with a lawyer in the Dallas area, people must examine the attorney’s demeanor.

Does the Attorney’s Personality Match the Client’s Personality?

How well the client and the attorney get along is even more important than the attorney’s qualifications. If the client feels uncomfortable with the lawyer, they will have difficulties working together.

Does the Attorney Communicate with His or Her Clients?

Each prospective client must ask each attorney how they can reach him or her during the day. Also, ask how long it usually takes them to return their calls. During the interview, the attorney may seem very talkative and friendly, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t need to ask these questions. One of the main complaints against lawyers is how long it takes them to return their clients’ calls. A lawyer in the Dallas area must work hard on every case and be prepared to give the client regular updates in a timely manner.

How Is the Office Run?

You will also need to pay attention to how the office is run. Make sure that the office has the staff to support a busy law firm. Make a note of how everyone in the office treats you. You also have the right to ask your prospective attorney to give you references from past clients.

Everything above is highly important when hiring a lawyer in the Dallas area, but the most important thing will be the client’s thoughts on the attorney. They may need to tell their attorneys the most intimate details of their lives, so they need to be very comfortable with them. If not, they may move on to the next name on the list of potential candidates.

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