7 Tips for Choosing a Bike Accident Lawyer

Bike Accident Lawyer

About 850 bicyclists are killed in traffic crashes each year. If you were recently in a bike wreck, don’t hesitate to call a bike accident attorney. With their help, you can fight for compensation to cover your losses.

Not sure how to find a bike accident lawyer you can trust? Here are seven tips you can use when hiring an attorney.

With these tips, you can find the lawyer best equipped to take on and win your case.

Read on to start searching for a lawyer today.

1. Gather Referrals

First, narrow down your options by speaking with friends and family members in town. Ask if any of them recently hired a personal injury attorney. If you can, find someone who called a lawyer after a bike wreck or car accident.

Otherwise, ask if they can refer you to a lawyer they used for another purpose (like drafting their will). Then, determine if the firm also takes on personal injury cases.

If you’re unable to gather referrals, start searching using the Martindale-Hubbell law firm directory instead.

2. Look for Years of Experience

Once you have a shortlist of lawyers to choose from, learn more about each lawyer’s hands-on experience. You can learn about their experience by checking your local bar association website.

Determine how long each bike accident attorney has practiced law. Determine if they have years of experience practicing locally.

Make sure you find a bike accident lawyer with years of experience specializing in bike accident lawsuits. Otherwise, you might encounter a lawyer who has general experience. It’s possible they’ve never handled a case like yours.

A lawyer with years of relevant case experience will have more thorough knowledge of the laws and procedures involved. They’ll know of recent cases that might influence the outcome of your lawsuit, too.

3. Check Their Credentials

Don’t hire a bike accident attorney without checking their credentials first.

Make sure each lawyer on your list is licensed to practice in the state. Determine if they have other certifications that can speak to their experience, too.

4. Consider Their Track Record

Determine how many bike wreck cases each lawyer has handled over the years. How many cases did they win versus lose?

Finding a lawyer with a strong track record can help you feel more confident in their abilities.

5. Read Reviews

Read reviews from each lawyer’s previous clients. Find a lawyer with a strong professional reputation.

6. Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation appointment and discuss the details surrounding your case. What legal options does the lawyer recommend?

Pay attention to how they speak and hold themselves. Find a strong communicator with active listening skills. Make sure you’re comfortable around them, too.

7. Comparing Fee Structures

Ask at least three lawyers about their fee structure. Find someone who works on a contingency fee basis.

You’ll only pay for their services if they win your case.

Cycle Forward: Find the Best Bike Accident Lawyer in Town Today

Don’t hire the first bike accident lawyer you call. Instead, use these tips to vet your options. Then, find the best bike accident attorney with your case goals in mind.

With their help, you can fight for the compensation you’re rightfully due.

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  1. A consultation with a lawyer early does feel like the most important thing to think about. I think this is exactly why most people try to do what they can to manage an early hiring since you need to talk to them in advance to know how your case will go. If ever that happens to me, I’ll definitely look for a way to hire a motorcycle accident attorney early.

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