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Wisconsin Divorce Laws: The Divorce Law

Wisconsin Divorce Laws

Wisconsin divorce laws are very specific when it comes to how a couple should go about getting a divorce. Unlike many other states, this state makes it mandatory that at least 60 days of separation be maintained between you and your spouse, if you want to file for a divorce. There is also no waiting period in Wisconsin before the divorce is finalized. So if you and your spouse are moving to another state or even another country, then you need to know how the laws in Wisconsin apply to your situation.

To begin with, you will need to have the permission of both parties to file for a divorce from their respective state. Marriage licenses can be obtained from a local court and sometimes a judge can also issue them for you to use. However, some states require a certified copy of a marriage certificate.

As previously mentioned, Wisconsin is one of the few states that has no waiting period or residency requirement for filing for a divorce. This is the case whether you and your spouse live in the same city, or if you live apart from each other. If your situation requires that you both be away from each other at some point, then you will be required to prove your residency at the county office where you are filing for the divorce. Once you have made the necessary papers, you and your spouse must both sign them in front of a notary public in order to officially start the proceedings.

Although divorce laws in Wisconsin are fairly straightforward and simple, there are certain exceptions to these rules. You may need to show that your relationship has deteriorated significantly, such as through drug abuse or alcoholism. Also, you may need to show that one or both of you are suffering from mental illness or if you are a danger to the community in any way.

When you file for a divorce in Wisconsin, you have to keep in mind that there are certain laws that you must abide by. These include having custody of your children, as well as other financial responsibilities. The court will require proof that you are financially capable of paying for your children’s care while you are at home, as well as making sure that you are doing all you can to make ends meet financially.

If you have legal custody of your children, then you will have to show that you are responsible enough to provide them with the kind of upbringing they require. while you are at home. The court will also ask for evidence of how your child-raising skills are improving and if there are any changes to your relationship with your spouse.

Another aspect that will be considered during the court case is the division of your child support payments. Child support payments are determined by an individual basis, according to each of you, and therefore you may need to show that you are managing your finances in a more responsible manner so that your situation will work out for you.

In order to be certain that the court will approve of your request for a divorce, you must show a good reason for your request. In addition, the state will look at the amount of money you are paying towards your mortgage, your expenses, and the living arrangements that you have set up with your spouse. You may need to submit copies of your tax returns and credit reports to show the court that you are capable of handling the financial responsibility that will come with the divorce.

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