What to Do Immediately After a Traffic Accident

Traffic Incident

No one wants to be in an accident. The reality is that a traffic accident can happen when you least expect it.

One can suffer a serious injury after a traffic accident. Data shows that 4.4. million people suffer serious injuries each year because of a traffic accident. These injuries are serious enough to warrant medical attention.

If you’re involved in a traffic accident, will you know what to do? Right after one, there are several things you must do. Read on to learn the important steps you must take.

1. Remain Calm

The first thing you must do after an auto accident is to remain calm. Right after you get over the shock, there’ll be many thoughts running through your head. You might feel scared or sad, but these are all normal emotions.

You must take a couple of deep breaths. Your goal is to keep calm and remain on the scene. Never leave the scene of a car accident even if it’s a minor one.

2. Determine Whether Anyone Is Hurt

Once the shock passes, you must check injuries. Make sure you aren’t hurt. If you feel that you’re hurt or can’t move, it’s a good idea to stay in place.

Don’t force yourself to get up. Movements can worsen an injury. If you’re hurt, ask someone to call 911.

If you didn’t suffer an injury, check on everyone else. Check on your passengers if there are any.

3. Get Yourself and Your Vehicle Out of Danger

If the car accident was not serious and you didn’t suffer an injury, you must move your car away from the road. Drive your car to the side of the road.

It’s better if you can drive into a parking lot or to the grass if there is a section next to the road. This way you’re completely out of the way of traffic.

Turn on your hazard lights. If you have flares, set them up. This will alert other drivers to slow down.

4. Contact the Police

Once you and your car are safely out of the way, you must call the police. You must call the police even if it’s a minor car accident.

The responding officer will fill out an accident report. The officer will also document the scene.

Make sure you get the officer’s name, badge number, and contact information. You’ll also need to get a copy of the accident report.

If you file a claim with your insurance company, the company will likely ask for a copy of the accident report. If you didn’t get one, you can request a copy of the report from the law enforcement office.

5. Collect Important Information and Document the Scene

Before you leave the scene, you should gather important information. Get the name and contact information of everyone involved in the accident. You must also get the license plate numbers.

Next, you must document the scene. Take pictures and videos as needed. You must document the vehicle damage.

Take photos of the entire scene. This should include skid marks or property damage. Don’t forget to write down the street names and the direction each car was driving.

Did any people witness the crash? If there are witnesses, consider getting their contact information. They might be able to help your case after.

6. Avoid Roadside Discussions About Responsibility

After a car accident, emotions can run high. Again, it’s important to keep calm. You want to avoid discussing who was at fault.

Don’t argue with the other parties. There have been cases involving deaths during a fight after a car crash.

If you believe a driver is impaired or aggressive, it’s best to maintain your distance. You should let the police deal with the driver.

7. Call a Tow Truck if You Need One

Depending on the damage your car has, you might need to call a tow truck. The tow truck can take your car to your home or a collision repair center.

A tow truck may appear at the scene. Don’t always assume it’s a reputable company. Verify the company’s information as you want to avoid getting scammed.

8. Call Your Insurance Company

You must get in contact with your insurance company. This is a must. If you fail to notify your insurance company, you might find yourself liable for damages.

Your insurance representative will walk you through the claims process. You’ll also be told what to expect.

9. See Your Doctor

Right after your car accident, you might feel fine. Some injuries might not come up until days later.

Schedule an appointment to see your doctor. Your doctor can do a checkup and order tests to see if you have any injuries.

10. Call a Lawyer

It’s in your best interest to call a lawyer. Hire a transportation accident lawyer to take on your case.

These accidents can leave you with a serious injury. You might not be able to work. How will you make ends meet?

What if your insurance company doesn’t want to compensate? If it gives you trouble, a lawyer can help fight the company.

Do These Things After a Traffic Accident

If you’re the victim of a traffic accident, you must follow the steps in this guide. Try to remain calm. Check for injuries and make sure to document important details.

Your safety must be a top priority. Call your insurance company and file a claim. As soon as you can, hire a lawyer to get legal help.

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