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What a Workers Compensation Attorney Can Do For You?


In 2019 there were over 2.9 million injuries which occurred in the workplace, and that is only in private industry. Injuries in the workplace are far too common and unfortunately, they are only increasing year on year. Sadly the large majority of the people who are injured in these accidents often face life-altering issues yet workers get no relief or justice for what has taken place.

The reason for this, in the main, is that the insurance companies which employers have are so well versed in this area of the law that they fight tooth and nail to not pay out or to pay out as little as possible. Thankfully however we can rely on the brilliant work of attorneys who are built to fight the case. Here in Buffalo NY, workers compensation attorneys provide the perfect solution for those who are in trouble, and here is what they can do for you.

Gathering Evidence

The first step that this kind of lawyer will help you with is gathering all of the necessary evidence which you will need to support your claim. This will include medical records, witness statements, CCTV footage, and any other evidence which proves that you have been a victim during this situation. The attorney will use this information to build your case and they will ensure that you have the correct type of evidence in order to help.

Negotiating a Settlement

More often than not the legal team on the side of the insurance company of the employer will look to reach a settlement, usually an admission of guilt without saying so. What your worker’s compensation attorney will do for you here is to use their expertise to help you to get a settlement which is fair and reasonable. They will not be bullied by the opposition attorneys, and if they are not happy with the offer, they will go to trial.

Taking The Case To Trial If Necessary

Your attorney will now be able to take the case to trial and this will see their work with you on building a strong case to prove that you have been the victim in this situation. The attorney will take care of all of the paperwork and the necessary documentation during this stage of your case. Once completed the attorney will bring your case before a judge and argue that you should win damages as a result of the actions of the employer.

Advising You On All Options

And finally, the attorney will be on hand at all times to allay any fears or concerns which you may have about the inner workings of the case. This is likely to be a stressful time for you which is why these professionals will ensure that they are there as and when you need them.

This is the perfect example of the good guys trying to fight back on behalf of the maligned.

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