Vitamix Blender Lawsuit Settles


A class-action lawsuit filed against Vitamix for the alleged defect in their blenders has been settled. The claim was that these products leave behind tiny pieces of PTFE, a plastic compound similar to Teflon, in blended foods. During testing, the plaintiffs were able to trace the particles to the top seals on the blade assembly. The company was aware of this defect for years but failed to disclose it or issue a recall.

The Vitamix blender lawsuit was filed on the basis that some models of blenders left black residues on their surfaces after they were used.

The plaintiffs claimed that these flecks caused their machines to fail to mix food properly and that these products are now dangerous to use. Moreover, the manufacturer says that the flecking problem is minor and does not affect the performance of the blender. Even though the company has received a record number of claims, it does not have any information on how many units are affected.

As for the Vitamix blenders themselves, the company agreed to settle the lawsuits. The settlements cover household and commercial models. However, to be eligible for a settlement, you must have purchased a Vitamix blender after September 15, 2015. The case was filed before August 9, 2016, and before April 7, 2017, and you must have purchased it through a third party. While the settlements are not final yet, the court has given preliminary approval to the deal, allowing both parties to decide on the terms of the deal.

The court ordered Vitamix to compensate affected customers by offering a $70 gift card or a new blade assembly. The company said it will reimburse the owners who purchased a damaged unit. The replacement blade assembly is also available to those who bought a household blender. And, if the plaintiffs can prove that they suffered losses due to the defect, Vitamix will cover their legal, administrative, and court costs.

The lawsuit is against Vitamix for the faulty seals in its blenders.

The company has not admitted to wrongdoing but has admitted that it had no choice but to settle. While the lawsuit was successful in some cases, the settlement did not cover all of the victims. This is a class-action lawsuit filed in the U.S. in which you can claim damages for any defects that the company has made in its product.

The plaintiffs in the case have settled a class-action suit against the company for allegedly failing to warn consumers about the dangers of the polytetrafluoroethylene contained in their blenders. As a result, these blenders were recalled in some regions, causing thousands of customers to experience the same problem. In some cases, the defective blades could lead to permanent damage. In these cases, the lawsuit could also lead to a class-action suit against the manufacturers of these blenders.

The Vitamix blenders were found to contain flecks of polytetrafluoroethylene, a substance commonly used in kitchen appliances. These pieces rubbed off into the blender’s container and affected food. The blenders owners filed a class-action lawsuit in July of 2017 to recover their expenses. Although the company has not admitted any wrongdoing, the class action has been approved preliminarily by a federal judge.

The settlement includes a class-action suit filed by Vitamix Blender owners.

These blenders contain a black non-stick coating that can be hazardous. If you bought a Vitamix blender, you should replace the blades right away. They should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent further injury. This settlement may result in a new class-action lawsuit for the brand. It will cover six million blenders and the company’s non-stick coating will be removed.

The class-action lawsuit filed by Vitamix owners alleges that the manufacturer concealed a defect in the blenders and was liable for the flecks. This is a class-action lawsuit filed by plaintiffs claiming to have been injured by using their Vitamix blenders. This is a class action case involving millions of blenders. The court has preliminarily approved a settlement with the company after receiving several complaints.

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