The Latest Changes to Car Accident Laws

Car Accident Laws

There are currently more than 270 million registered vehicles in the U.S. With that many vehicles; it’s no wonder there are a lot of accidents.

And, like with most types of law, car accident law tends to change. So, if you’re in an accident, how do you know how to protect yourself?

Let’s go through the latest changes to car accident laws.

Changes Depend On The State

It’s important to remember that some aspects of car accident law differ state by state. So, just because a law has been changed in one state, doesn’t mean that it’s been changed in another.

There are some commonalities, however. Sometimes federal laws are created, although these are usually focused on things like standard safety measures for cars that are being manufactured. This includes legislation like the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

If a car you’re driving doesn’t have a required feature and was manufactured in a certain time, there’s a chance you can take the car manufacturer to court and recoup your losses.

Distracted Driving Laws

One of the biggest recent changes to car accident laws are laws about distracted driving. These have become important since the popularization of cell phones – and then smartphones.

Most places have passed laws against texting while driving, so you may face criminal consequences (or at least a fine) if you’re caught. If you’re in an accident while texting, the car accident fault will likely fall on you – which will be very expensive.

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Driving Under The Influence

While driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is never a good idea, laws have become more and more stringent in recent years. When blood alcohol levels for driving were first instituted, a driver had to have a BAC under 0.15.

More recently, a driver’s blood alcohol level has been required to be under 0.08. However, after a recommendation from the National Transportation Board, many states are considering lowering the maximum BAC allowed to 0.05.

DWI laws can also differ based on a person’s age and level of experience. In many places, drivers under the age of 21 are required to have a blood alcohol level under 0.02.

Make sure that you’re always aware of the laws in your area before you get on the road. When in doubt, ask for a ride or get a cab. You don’t want to put your life in danger, let alone anyone else’s.

The recent legalization of cannabis has also meant that DWI laws have changed – since if you’re driving under the influence of an illegal substance, you’re already breaking the law.

Car Accident Laws: Now You Know

Hopefully, you’re not aware of the current information when it comes to car accident laws. Remember, if you’re in any of these situations (or in an accident generally) you’ll want to get an accident attorney on board as soon as possible.

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