Rainbow Omega Lawsuit


The Lawsuit Against Rainbow Omega Skin Care Products

Did you know that the Rainbow Omega Lawsuit is not only for cancer patients? It can help people with any type of disease, such as chronic fatigue syndrome. The company has filed suits against large well-known corporations that they say have ignored evidence linking certain products to cancer. The attorney general and attorney generals in both South Carolina and Washington State are currently handling these cases.

The lawsuits were filed after the attorneys discovered that some companies had used studies that did not accurately reflect the true affects of their products on cancer patients.

This evidence could have been easily obtained without any outside funding. Due to the lack of funding, these attorneys had little choice but to file the lawsuit in order to obtain their fair settlement.

There are many cancer patients who suffer from different types of cancers including breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer and prostrate cancer. Many of these cancer patients find it extremely difficult to adjust to their current way of life. They often spend most of their time at a hospital or in a nursing care unit because it is emotionally and physically impossible for them to lead an active lifestyle. This is the main reason why so many cancer patients choose to use complementary therapies and traditional therapies in addition to their treatments.

The Rainbow Omega lawsuit is directed toward this very reason.

They feel that their cancer patients were misled into using unproven products that contained dangerous carcinogens. They further believe that the manufacturers knew about the carcinogenicity of their products, yet they placed their clients in physical danger by failing to warn them. This case has received national attention because many people find it difficult to believe that cancerous tumors could be caused by regular use of a sunless tanning product. Some of these products, such as the “Luvox” brand from Oral b, contain known carcinogens. Even worse, there are still many more companies manufacturing tanning products that do not have accurate information about their ingredients.

The attorney who is handling the Rainbow Omega lawsuit feels that this negligence on the part of the manufacturer was the main factor behind the cancer of several members of their client’s family.

The manufacturers failed to inform their patients about the carcinogenicity of their products and encouraged them to tan without providing them with adequate information. When they finally did provide information about the danger of ultraviolet radiation from these products, the victims’ families were greatly distressed and suffered a great deal of mental anguish.

The lawsuit demands that the companies manufacturing these sunless tanning products provide a large amount of money for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, future medical bills, and other financial hardships.

If the defendants do not respond to the lawsuit in a reasonable manner, then additional damages will be awarded. Many attorneys are willing to work on a one-time basis, but if it turns out that the defendant is still in denial, you might find that it is necessary to file a lawsuit again. This is especially true for cases of child cancer.

Another aspect of the lawsuit deals with the claim that the manufacturers of Rainbow Omega ignored signs that their products were dangerous for pregnant women and children.

The reason cited is that the chemical ingredients used in these products can cause a variety of different cancers, including breast cancer, rectal cancer, and melanoma. Some of the cancer patients who have lost their lives due to cancer-related issues had a history of self-tanning. In addition to this, the survivors of these cancer patients are now forced to pay for medical treatments and have had to endure ongoing health concerns as a result of their cancerous past.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are trying to hold the manufacturers of Rainbow Omegas in accountability and compensate the victims for their pain and suffering. Many of the cancer patients lost their battle against the effects of ultraviolet radiation. In order to win the lawsuit, the plaintiffs need the help of a good lawyer who has experience in cases of this nature. If you have been affected by this negligence, then the Rainbow Omega lawsuit may just be the right choice for you.

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