Performance Food Group Lawsuit


It’s easy to point to a Performance Food Group lawsuit and say “hey, that’s my product”. That’s not very hard to do. But unless you’re suing them, or at least asking a judge to throw the case, you can’t really blame people for thinking that way. After all, who in their right mind would knowingly purchase something that wouldn’t benefit them?

But if you’re not suing, then it’s easy to say, well, maybe they’re just making up the claims, right?

Wrong. First of all, Performance Food Group isn’t a company. It’s the owner of the Performance Food Group LLC company that owns Lufkin Nails. They’re also responsible for creating all the health claims that go along with the products they sell. So, when you’re buying into some of these claims, you’re also buying into the very idea that there is some magical way to cure or treat some sort of illness, when all it really involves is improving the texture and the appearance of your nails.

This is why the Federal Trade Commission stepped in and created the Performance Food Group Litigation Protection Act to protect consumers from such fraudulent and self-serving statements.

The FTC has also taken aim at companies that make false claims about how well their products work. Those types of ads are, quite frankly, disgusting. They’re not only incorrect but they make companies look bad, and that goes a long way towards making consumers believe that the products that they purchase are anything less than healthy.

The Performance Food Group lawsuit refers to various false claims that the company has made about its products.

Among other things, the company has claimed that their fingernail products are able to treat certain kinds of nail fungus infections. In fact, the only way that this could have possibly happened is if an individual actually had an infection. Fungus infections don’t happen in one’s fingernails – they come from all kinds of places, including sweat, hands, and even between the toes. So basically, there is no way for these products to be able to “treat” any sort of nail fungus infection, whether it was caused by improper foot hygiene or by some other source.

The company has also made other claims as well. For instance, the performance food is able to help reduce the amount of carbohydrates that a person takes in each day.

This sounds like a very valuable feature, except that it has absolutely nothing to do with reducing how many carbohydrates you take in. What the statement is saying is that a person will be less likely to develop diabetes by taking the performance food because it will help to regulate the body’s insulin output. This is completely untrue, so don’t believe any company that tries to sell you this nonsense.

There are many other things that the Performance Food Group lawsuit has brought up. Among those is the fact that the company markets its supplements as being “all natural.” Now, natural isn’t necessarily bad, but when you’re talking about something as important as your health, it’s always best to find out a little bit about what you’re putting into your body before you use it. There is a huge difference between eating all natural and ingesting a substance that may have some effect on your health, even if it has no effect on your health right now. Make sure that you read the ingredients label on all of the Performance Foods that you buy.

The Performance Food Group lawsuit has also drawn attention to how the products are advertised.

In addition to stating that the company’s advertising is deceptive and unfair, the suit claims that the company does not adequately warn consumers about the risks of taking these supplements. Basically, the claims are that the company does not adequately inform consumers of the amount of supplements that a person should take in order to be effective. This is especially troubling considering how serious a condition diabetic conditions can be.

The Performance Food Group lawsuit is currently underway, and the fate of the products rests on the outcome of the case. If the court rules against the company, the performance food group would surely go out of business. If the court rules in favor of the company, however, it may open the door for consumers to purchase the health and performance food items over the Internet without having to worry about harmful side effects. Either way, it’s clear that everyone has a right to feel great, so it’s really up to you to do your homework and to choose a product that will allow you to do just that!

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