Outback Steakhouse Sues Class Action Lawsuit Plaintiffs


Outback Steakhouse is one of the largest franchises when it comes to restaurants and it has been sued repeatedly by individuals in recent years. Some of the individuals who have filed suits include David R. Larson, II, John J. Smith IV, and Russell S. Smith. Outback is represented by counsel, that is licensed by the legal firm of Holland & Barnd Co. Outback operates in several different states including Texas, Idaho, Oklahoma, and Montana.

The suit was filed against Outback after plaintiffs’ attorneys discovered a high number of class members who were improperly charged for their meals.

The complaint revolves around a waitress named Lisa Johnson, who claims that her meal was improperly deducted from her paycheck. Her wages were lowered as a result of this incident. Other plaintiffs in this case include Trina Page, Tracie Parks, and Keith Whitlock.

This class action suit has gained nationwide attention. There are many reasons why this suit has been widely publicized. One of these reasons is because Outback has refused to make changes to its business model to remedy the problems that have been identified. Instead of changing their business plans, they have chosen to operate as usual. As a result of their refusal to make any changes, the class action suit is being brought forth.

It is believed that the reason that Outback is still operating today is that they are doing so on the basis that they will be able to win the class action suit.

If the restaurant owners lose the suit, they will not only be subject to monetary damages, but they will also be shuttered permanently from the public. The restaurant owners argue that they are not being negligent in their operations. However, this is not an argument that is likely to succeed in court.

Class action lawsuits are not usually the best way to go about resolving disputes.

In fact, almost none of them ever do. For one thing, the plaintiffs are usually required to file the lawsuit against the restaurant themselves. There is no guarantee that they will win this lawsuit, especially if they are not able to prove liability on the part of Outback. Moreover, the process through which such suits are handled through the class action lawsuit process is usually tedious and slow.

The plaintiff in such cases will be required to submit proof that they met with an accident or suffered an injury at the hands of the Outback while on the premises.

Another problem with class action lawsuits is that it will not provide any sort of financial aid to the victim or his/her family. Outback, being a huge corporation, cannot afford to have all of its employees suffer injuries or become injured while on their employer’s property. The only way that such victims can receive compensation from Outback is through the intervention of a class action lawsuit.

On the other hand, a class action lawsuit that was brought against Outback requires that each plaintiff must be able to prove that they met with an accident while at Outback.

They will also need to prove that they sustained an injury while visiting the Outback restaurant. Class-action lawsuits are time consuming, costly and messy. The plaintiff will have to hire a legal team and wait for many months before the case is settled.

A class action lawsuit can be brought against any company that has one of the aforementioned conditions. To determine if a company is suitable to file a suit against, you can contact a class action litigation lawyer in your area. Not only will they be able to tell you if you have a case, they will also be able to point you in the direction of the best legal firms in your area that specialize in these types of cases. You will definitely find one that is right for you.

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