Lisinopril Class Action Lawsuit 2015


If you are suffering from any type of side effects caused by Lisinopril, you may be entitled to financial compensation. To get the maximum compensation, you must hire a lawyer to handle your case. You can get a free consultation by contacting a law firm. You will be treated with the utmost care while you pursue your claims. After all, your health is the most important thing in your life.

The first lawsuit filed for Lisinopril’s adverse side effects involved a man who was severely injured by a forklift.

Another man, who was 73 years old, suffered a below-the-knee amputation. He suffered angioedema, a life-threatening reaction to the drug. The rehabilitation clinic that prescribed the drug failed to transfer him to the emergency room for four hours. A woman who underwent multiple hip surgeries was also severely affected by persistent infections.

In addition to being dangerous for your health, Lisinopril can lead to kidney damage, liver damage, and angioedema. While the side effects of the drug aren’t fatal, they can be devastating. Fortunately, Lisinopril’s manufacturer, Merck & Co., is working to improve the safety of the drug. The law firm is focusing on ensuring that the drug is no longer dangerous to consumers.

The law firm’s goal is to ensure that the public is protected from potentially harmful side effects. This means educating the public about the potential dangers of the drug and the medical malpractice it has caused. There are numerous lawsuits filed in this case, and the Law Offices of Gregory Krasovsky can help you pursue the best possible settlement for your injuries. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Gregory Krasovesky have decades of experience dealing with Lisinopril cases and are equipped to help you obtain monetary compensation for your injury.

Although Lisinopril has been the subject of a few multidistrict litigations and mass tort cases, the drug has not yet been the subject of any class action lawsuits related to it.

However, there have been several small-scale lawsuits, and many are still working on a potential Lisinopril class action. The pharmaceutical company must prove that Lisinopril caused liver damage to patients who did not receive warnings about the potential risks.

Despite the dangers of Lisinopril, the drug has been responsible for a few deaths and numerous injuries. While the FDA has acted responsibly, this has not resulted in a class action. Instead, it has resulted in individual and/or class action lawsuits. As a result, consumers can demand compensation for their injuries. There are currently thousands of successful cases involving Lisinopril.

Regardless of the type of Lisinopril, the drug has been the subject of several lawsuits.

While there have not been any large class actions, there are numerous cases in which people have been severely injured by the drug. These cases involve severe liver damage and other medical complications. The manufacturers should be liable if their products are found to cause liver damage. A settlement is the best way to protect your interests.

The Lisinopril class action lawsuits have been mostly unsuccessful, but some people have been able to get significant settlements. These settlements are often for medical expenses such as hospital bills and prescription medications. In these cases, you can receive compensation for your medical bills. If you have experienced any of these conditions, you may be entitled to compensation. For example, the drug’s side effects could include a serious illness.

One of the most notable lawsuits filed against Merck & Co., AstraZeneca, and Pfizer have been found responsible for the risks of Lisinopril. It has been estimated that as many as 4.5 million Americans suffer from the side effects of Lisinopril every year. The drug’s manufacturers should be held accountable for the dangerous effects of the drug.

The lisinopril class action suit is a massive case that involves several pharmaceutical companies. The lawsuit was filed in MDL 2606 and involves over 4,000 claims. The plaintiffs have been awarded over $800 million in settlements based on their pain, medical costs, and other legal damages. The settlement amounts depend on the number of plaintiffs in the case. If you are suffering from the effects of Lisinopril, you can file a lisinopril class-action lawsuit.

One thought on “Lisinopril Class Action Lawsuit 2015

  1. I took Lisinopril for a few years, and developed a gut wrenching cough, it got so bad, I was afraid I’d blow up something with the coughing. One day, I went to the lisinopril site and saw that there was something called the lisinopril cough. The next day, I did NOT take my pill, that day, is the day I stopped coughing. My end result was, that all the coughing caused me to blow out a vocal chord. I had barely any voice, had the botox injected into the vocal chord, that was a temp fix, then I had surgery with an implant, I have a voice now but barely. It’s still a struggle to talk and most people can’t hear me. I don’t sound like me at all. IMO, this drug should be off the market, on their own site, they say that it is made from the venom of a poisonous Brazilian snake. Really? So I’ve been taking snake venom? This voice thing has changed my life, I’m not as outgoing as I used to be, it’s a chore to talk, and I feel terrible that I have to subject people to this crackly voice. Doctor’s tried to blame it on everything else, they ran every test possible, they found NOTHING that would have caused the cough, and then my ENT surgeon finally said to me, “I guess you were right, it was the Lisinopril that caused this.”
    Something needs to be done about this drug. I can’t believe there aren’t a ton of class action suits against it.

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