The Lawsuits Against General Motors


Vehicle recall attorneys are currently investigating claims of lawsuits against General Motors because of a faulty ignition switch on their GM car. A lawsuit is a legal proceeding where a person or group of people to bring a legal suit against someone else and obtain a financial settlement. Automobile recalls are considered a form of product liability litigation because they involve risk for the company. If a recall is not done correctly, they could potentially cause the public more harm than good.

In the current lawsuit against GM, plaintiffs are accusing the carmaker of knowingly selling cars with faulty ignition switches. They say that GM knew about the defective switches before selling cars but did nothing to make their switch safer. The lawsuit also states that the company knew about the switch, but did nothing about it. The plaintiffs want compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, and other related expenses from being involved in the accident. The lawsuit also requests that GM provide safety devices to make sure their ignition switch does not malfunction in the future.

According to the lawsuit, the ignition switch on the cars manufactured by General Motors was defective for a number of reasons. First, the switch failed to open and close all the way when the ignition is turned on. Second, the switch was prone to falling off or coming off if pressure is applied on it when it is closed. Third, and perhaps most importantly, the switch could get loose over time when a vehicle is driven long distances, which is something that GM did not want to learn about. The company’s response to these issues was to change the switches, which has also caused problems for drivers.

There are many instances in which motor companies have been sued in cases of product liability, such as the defective airbags on airplanes. The lawsuits filed against them involve personal injury claims from people who were hurt or even killed as a direct result of these defective items. People who were injured in accidents involving defective airbags sued both NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration for failing to warn them about the dangers associated with using them. Airbags are not only used on airplanes, but are now being used in other types of automobiles.

The lawsuits filed against General Motors are similar to the ones that have been filed against other automobile recalls. These lawsuits claim that the carmaker knew about the defect before selling cars, yet did nothing to help make their switch safer.

The first lawsuits against vehicle recalls are typically settled out of court, while others have to go to trial. If the lawsuits are resolved in the plaintiff’s favor, they may receive a small percentage of the settlement, or they may receive an award that is larger than the carmaker’s profits from the recall.

Car recall lawsuits are very serious cases that often result in substantial settlements. If you are involved in one of these suits, be sure to seek advice from a qualified car accident attorney so you can be as prepared as possible.

It is not too late to contact an experienced auto accident attorney to see if you have a case to answer. Most attorneys specialize in car accident law and know exactly what steps to take in your case. Your attorney will review your case and work closely with you throughout the process so that you are able to pursue your lawsuit successfully.

General Motors has already settled some of the most well-known lawsuits brought against them by car owners. In addition to compensating those who were hurt in accidents involving their defective airbags, the company paid millions to those who were killed or severely injured in crashes involving their defective ignition switch. There have been several other cases that have been settled out of court, including the injuries of a young woman who was hit by a car driven by an employee of the car manufacturer.

In the past, car manufacturers have not shown any concern about lawsuits filed against them, but this is no longer the case today. In fact, many car manufacturers have taken steps to ensure that their vehicles are safe to drive after they have been recalled.

Be sure to consult with a car manufacturer about their legal department. You can find more information about car crash attorneys and the procedures they use by looking online.

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