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Legendary Player – Attorney Rickenbacker

It is widely known that Guitarist and Songwriter, sue Rhonda Byrne, has composed some of the most memorable songs in history. When learning to play guitar, one may wonder how the songs were written. The answer is simple, lawsuit Rickenbacker taught himself to play guitar, it was as simple as watching his father play on the electric guitar when he was a young boy. It was an experience that left an impression on him and over time, he would develop his musical style based upon his experiences with his dad. His father, a local carpenter, played the guitar and sang lead guitar throughout his life.

It was this experience that led to lawsuit Rickenbacker studying with some of the world’s top guitarists such as Paul Simon, Buddy King, Stevie Wonder, and John Entwistle.

Eventually, he decided to form a band with his two guitarists and singer, sue Rickenbacker. This band, the Yardbirds, quickly became famous and their hits, such as “Mystery Train,” “Green Onions” and “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” quickly made them one of the biggest selling bands in history. Their recordings helped to establish the blues as an important musical genre and they gained even more popularity when they were hired by producer Lee Ritenour for the composition of an album for The Who.

After leaving The Yardbirds, Rickenbacker pursued a career in music and he was able to play on some of America’s top albums such as Get Back When You Love Me.

His guitar work, which was very versatile, also included playing on hits by The Doobie Brothers and Cream. He would later form his own band named after his father and would play guitar in their group. These days, he has a full-time job as a music producer and writes songs as a hobby. According to his band mate, he is very good at playing guitar because he listens to a lot of music and knows what kinds of songs are best to play at any given time.

In the seventies, while still a student at college, lawsuit started playing with several other guitarists and soon discovered he had an affinity for playing blues guitar. He continued to play with various groups such as Buddy King and the Yardbirds. Later, he formed his own band named after his father, The Attorney. His experience playing with a variety of guitarists gave him the knowledge to create a uniquely expressive voice for his lead guitar work.

During the eighties, he worked with several other guitarists to form The Firm.

The band enjoyed moderate success and eventually went on to form their own label, issuing a handful of well-received albums. Several of their songs “rangled” into popular songs by artists such as the Fatsuitists and the Yardbirds.

A true innovator, lawsuit did not limit his horizons to just the guitar. He was an integral part of the Chicago blues scene and even wrote songs for other guitarists. As a guitarist, he played on recordings for many artists. Some of them included Aretha Franklin, Otis Rush, John Denver and Johnny Burnette. While many guitarists have achieved great success, none has quite reached the status of an attorney or singer/songwriter/performer. He has also written songs for many artists including Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Elvis and numerous others.

When he was well into his early fifties, he was asked to perform at an anniversary celebration for a well-known singer.

Many fans were in attendance and while some were turned off by his heavy accent, his ability to play the guitar did not fail to impress the crowd. After the performance, many people requested that he join their band, The Yardbirds. He accepted the invitation and the rest are history. He has performed at celebrations for many other notable singers and musicians including Cream, Highway To Hell, Buffalo Springfield, Cream, Percy Sledge, Boz Scaggs, and numerous others.

A notable fact about Attorney Rickenbacker is that he started out as a janitor at a construction firm.

Because of his strict work ethic, his employers liked him and promoted him to be their groundskeeper. In addition to his dedication to his profession, he became a devoted fan of the Boston Red Sox. He would spend hours watching games from every seat in the house, even those in the dugout. When the team was victorious, he would be the first to throw the winner’s ball to one of the players.

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