Hyundai MPG Lawsuit Settlement Announced


The plaintiffs in the Hyundai mpg lawsuit allege that the company inflated the fuel economy of its cars to lure buyers. Although EPA ratings for certain models are generally accurate, the company’s marketing tactics often misled consumers. Thus, the firm lied about its vehicles’ fuel efficiency. The EPA’s findings were used to make Hyundai and Kia reduce their mpg estimates and profit from the mistake.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that Hyundai had lied about its fuel economy claims for its Elantra and other models, including the Sonata. The EPA cited an investigation conducted by Consumer Watchdog, which found that the company had misrepresented its vehicles’ mpg on their window stickers. The government’s report said that a significant number of Hyundai cars advertised a higher mpg than their actual fuel economy. The company admitted that the misleading marketing practices led to the inflated mpg numbers.

The lawsuit claims that the company deceived the public with its advertising campaigns.

Its 40 mpg highway and 30 mpg city claimed was false. In response, Hyundai was forced to lower its EPA highway estimates by between one and six mph. This happened because the company admitted mistakes during its coasting-test procedures. While the lawsuit remains ongoing, Hyundai has settled with the Consumer Watchdog, which was filed in California on behalf of consumers.

In addition to the EPA’s findings, the Hyundai mpg lawsuit has been a popular topic in the news. Many consumer groups are launching lawsuits over the automaker’s marketing tactics and misleading claims. While there are no guarantees that the EPA will take any action, consumers should consider their options. A Hyundai mpg lawsuit may be the best option for consumers who are dissatisfied with their gas mileage.

The fuel economy of a Hyundai mpg lawsuit has been overstated for years.

The company advertised a 40 mpg Elantra with a low-volume “eco” trim. Nonetheless, it was not possible to achieve this. As a result, the fuel economy of many cars was falsely inflated. Many consumers purchased a car based on this misrepresentation.

The settlement has a large payout for the Hyundai mpg lawsuit. The carmaker agreed to pay $56.8 million to settle with the California Air Resources Board and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency after admitting that the vehicles it advertised were inefficient. The EPA lowered the highway mpg estimates by between one and six mpg. Furthermore, Hyundai admitted errors during the testing procedures.

The lawsuit has been filed in the United States in California and other states. It alleges that Hyundai and Kia lowered their mpg estimates to lure consumers. The EPA’s findings allegedly violated federal law. Moreover, the companies were forced to reduce EPA highway estimates by up to one to six mpg. It also admitted that the company made errors during its tests during the coasting tests.

The EPA’s decision will determine whether the car manufacturer should pay the damages in the Hyundai mpg lawsuit.

The company is paying $56 million for the alleged violation. The EPA has ruled that the automobile maker has overstated the fuel efficiency of some models. The plaintiffs have argued that this is a false and misleading advertisement. They are claiming that Hyundai overstated the EPA’s figures to boost sales.

In response to the EPA’s ruling, the company stated its mpg estimates for its Elantra hybrid and the Hyundai mpg lawsuit. The EPA’s findings have been inconsistent, resulting in an overestimation of the cars’ fuel efficiency. In the Elantra mpg lawsuit, the Hyundai brand was sued for inflated mpg claims for its 2011-12 car. The court also found that the marketing of its vehicles had confused the consumers.

The Hyundai mpg lawsuits were filed because the company did not disclose accurate fuel economy information for the 2011-13 model years. The car company voluntarily revised its fuel economy estimates and subsequently paid the customers a settlement of $41.2 million. The settlements in the Hyundai mpg lawsuit were reached after the Attorneys’s General of the three states and the District of Columbia settled the case. This means that the manufacturer has now agreed to settle the mpg claims.

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  1. I am the owner of a 2012 Genesis and qualified for the gas reimbursement. I had not made a claim in recent years and attempted to do so several months ago. I tried to get information from the status of my request from the Hyundai dealership as well as from Hyundai Corporate office. I was repeatedly stonewalled and had not received notification of a lawsuit. Do I have any recourse?

  2. I signed up for the lifetime program. Starting in late 2021 they stopped paying and have stonewalled. I sent a letter to the Hyundai Motors USA this week to their Fountain Valley address as well as the PO Box . We’ll see if they respond. I also filed a complaint with the BBB and the Washington State attorney generals office.

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