How to Win the Maximum Car Accident Settlement

Car Accident Settlement

When you’re injured in a car accident because of another person’s careless driving, a settlement can be your saving grace. The money you get in your car accident settlement could cover your medical bills, the costs to repair your vehicle, and more. For many car accident victims, a high settlement means the difference between going into debt and having a swift recovery.

There isn’t a guarantee that you’ll win a settlement. But, there are steps you can take to improve your chances of winning the most compensation possible, some of which are covered below.

Gather Evidence To Support Your Claim

When you speak to an attorney with expertise in injury law about your claim, one of their first questions will be: “Do you have photos of the accident?”. Any attorney will tell you that evidence like photos, video, and witness testimonies are invaluable to a car accident claim.

So, before you even leave the scene of your car accident, gather evidence that you can use to support your claim. Do this even if you don’t think you’ll file a claim in the future.

Get Medical Attention Regardless of Injury Severity

An attorney won’t accept your case if you haven’t sought medical attention for your accident-related injuries.

This is because it’s near impossible to prove your injuries in mediation or in a court of law if you haven’t sought medical attention. The defendant and the insurance company will use your lack of medical treatment to argue that you are overexaggerating the severity of your injuries and that you should receive less compensation as a result.

Don’t Miss Your Chance for a Car Accident Settlement

All states have their own statute of limitations for how much time you have to make a personal injury claim. If you file a claim after you exceed your state’s statute of limitations, then you’ll be unable to get car accident compensation.

Stay Off of Social Media

Often, personal injury lawyers lose their car accident cases because of their client’s own fault.

In such instances, clients claim to have serious injuries but then post about a recent club outing, for example, on their social media. The defense then gets their hands on this social media post and uses it to undermine the client’s claim.

As a result, the injury lawyer loses the case and their client loses their chance for injury compensation.

Win the Most Injury Compensation Possible

Winning a high amount of compensation in your car accident settlement can be life-changing. But, the at-fault party will try their hardest at every step of your personal injury case to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Luckily, on top of hiring an experienced attorney, there are steps you can take to win the most compensation for your case.

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