Personal Injury

3 Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury Cases

Were you or someone you love injured in an event where another party was at fault? If so, you might have the grounds for a personal injury settlement. Bringing your case to court could enable you to get compensated for your injuries, medical bills, and losses.

The first step in getting compensated for your personal injury claim is knowing whether your situation falls under this legal umbrella. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of three common types of personal injury cases you’ll see tried in a court of law.

1. Slip and Fall Accidents

We’ve all slipped on a wet floor or tripped over uneven ground at some point in our lives. As such, you might be surprised to find out how common slip and fall personal injury cases are.

Falls are responsible for more than eight million emergency room visits each year in the United States, making them the number one reason people head to the ER. Much of the time, slipping and falling is the result of poor mobility or a lack of awareness. If your personal injury lawyer can prove your accident was due to negligence or a hazardous environment, though, you might have the grounds for a legal case.

2. Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car crashes and other vehicle accidents are such a common type of personal injury case that many lawyers specialize in handling only these cases. To take a motor vehicle injury case to court, you must be able to prove via police record that you weren’t at fault for the accident.

Motor vehicle accidents, especially when they involve a pedestrian, cyclist, or motorcyclist, can have serious long-term consequences. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, spinal cord injury, or other permanently disabling injuries, it’s in your best interest to work with a catastrophic injury attorney. These lawyers specialize in cases that reflect large medical bills, new accessibility issues, income loss, and emotional trauma.

3. Wrongful Death or Injury From Medical Malpractice

It seems strange that the very professionals we trust to help us recover from injuries could be the ones causing harm in the first place. While most doctors and surgeons have your best interest at heart, medical malpractice does make up a large chunk of personal injury cases. You might be the victim of medical malpractice if you experienced an error during surgery, if your treatment was needlessly delayed, or if you were misdiagnosed/mistreated due to provider negligence.

You’ll Need a Lawyer’s Help for These Types of Personal Injury Cases

There’s no way to turn back time and undo the consequences of an accident or serious injury. Even so, if you’ve experienced one of these types of personal injury cases, you might be entitled to financial compensation. As soon as you can, consult with a personal injury attorney in your area to see if you can seek legal recompense.

Do you still have questions about other types of legal cases? If so, keep reading through the articles on our site for more information and advice.

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