Class Action Lawsuits Against Carnival Cruise Lines


The family of the late Richard Eisenman has filed a lawsuit against Carnival for negligence. The family claims that Eisenman was killed on a cruise ship after falling on a puddle of water. The lawsuit claims that employees at the cruise line created a dangerous environment. It is asking for compensation for the wrongful death, as well as any medical expenses and interest. The court must rule on the case within 21 days. The plaintiff has requested a jury trial.

The court found that the defendants did not violate the federal securities laws, and it dismissed the lawsuit.

Although the court rejected the plaintiffs’ claim that Carnival had violated federal securities laws, it allowed the plaintiffs to argue that the cruise ship company’s health and safety practices violated city zoning laws. The suit focuses on pre-pandemic and early 2020 disclosures, but the Norwegian state argues that the defendants did not disclose the risks of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Norwegian government appealed the ruling, arguing that the court had failed to follow federal securities laws. While the plaintiffs argued that the cruise lines should have disclosed the risks of COVID-19, the court found that those claims were not materially false. The plaintiffs argued that the statements were misleading and that the companies should have been allowed to respond to the claims. The case continues to be heard in the Supreme Court. The outcome will have a major impact on the company’s operations and reputation.

The Grand Princess Hawaii Class Action Lawsuit, for example, is a class-action lawsuit brought by passengers.

The complaint was filed on behalf of approximately 60 plaintiffs, but not all were directly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. While only two named plaintiffs were infected, the rest suffered from the risk of immediate physical harm and emotional distress. The amended complaint also asserts negligence, gross negligence, and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

The plaintiffs’ lawsuit was filed on behalf of approximately 60 passengers on the Grand Princess. However, only two of them were infected with the virus. The remaining passengers faced a risk of physical injury and emotional distress. In the amended complaint, the parties alleged that the cruise ship’s crew acted negligently. A majority of the named plaintiffs did not even have the opportunity to sue, but the lawsuit was still pending.

A second Carnival lawsuit filed by the widow of a passenger killed on a cruise ship in 2011 is still pending.

Her husband, Ronald Wong, died while on the Grand Princess during a cruise to Hawaii in May 2010. His wife is filing the suit on behalf of her late husband’s estate. The Wong Lawsuit alleges that the passengers were not adequately insured for the trip and that he was killed as a result of the accident.

The lawsuit against Carnival has been filed by Gary Lobaton on behalf of the passengers. The plaintiffs’ lawyers claim that the cruise ship’s captain failed to follow international safety standards while operating. The ship’s captain had delayed the orders to abandon the vessel, and he had no way to get to safety. In this case, the passenger’s mother feared a possible death. The family filed the lawsuit. The verdict has been finalized.

The third Carnival Legend lawsuit was filed in November.

In this case, the plaintiff’s injuries were not due to water or moisture. She fell on a table in Satchmo’s lounge. She fractured her right leg and required surgery. The third incident that occurred on the same cruise in November 2010 was similar to the first two. In this case, the plaintiff’s accident was caused by COVID-19. In this case, the plaintiff is claiming damages for her pain and suffering.

The lawsuit is based on the fact that Carnival did not prevent the Covid outbreak, and this is how they made their millions. The new lawsuit, however, will be filed against Carnival and its cruise ships. A federal judge ruled that Carnival was negligent for failing to protect its passengers from the disease. The lawsuit has already been filed in two other countries where the same type of illnesses was causing the illnesses. The Grand Princess Hawaii class action is filed in the state of Hawaii.

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