BP Lawsuits


The Rise of BP Suit Types

BP (BP) and their Gulf of Mexico spill is still fresh in the memory of many Americans. After all, who could forget that cute little video on YouTube of a paddlefish eating a dead fish. This may be funny, but BP’s lawyers are not. These suits are about legal funding, not lost revenue.

BP is responsible for much of the legal funding for their Gulf spill clean-up efforts, but only because they are the victims.

They let an accident turn into a giant PR disaster and worse than that allowed an enormous amount of pollution to leak into the Gulf. The legal costs alone are sucking up millions of dollars a month. Many companies have already lost billions. But if no one can win these BP lawsuits, who will? Lawsuits can cover everything from wages lost to products misused to health costs suffered due to cleanup.

Lawsuits from residents of Florida who were effected by the spill are among the most successful.

Thousands are seeking compensation from personal injuries and deaths caused by the spill. Lawyers are currently preparing the cases of residents in the Florida Keys and the Florida area as well as those of other Gulf Coast states. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to work in this field, but it does take some background and plenty of experience dealing with the legal funding of corporate reputations. A quick perusal through academic databases such as Harvard University’s Online Scholarship Database will show you just how litigious these issues are. Lawyers are currently sifting through papers from last year’s batch of Supreme Court decisions involving higher education funding.

One of the major challenges in defending against these lawsuits – aside from convincing a jury – is getting the courts to agree with the legal funding argument put forth by the oil company.

The argument goes that BP’s oil was a low-tension liquid, not something that could hurt or kill anyone. Moreover, the fact that no one was ever reported to be sick or dead from the oil spill makes it immune from any type of negligence or intent to harm. Therefore, it is simply not worth spending the money to fight these lawsuits – even if it ends up paying for its own legal expenses in the end.

Attorneys representing the plaintiffs in BP lawsuits are attempting to turn this theory on its head.

In doing so, they are hoping to convince the courts to allow their clients to collect huge financial awards even after the oil company has completely cleaned up its mess. It is currently up to a judge to decide whether or not these lawsuits-and the money that go along with them-should be allowed to proceed. If the court rules in favor of the lawyers, it may set a precedent for the future, meaning that any company who wants to avoid high BP lawsuits has to actively clean up its mess.

There are currently two types of BP lawsuits currently pending in court.

One involves workers who have died, while the other involves personal injury attorneys who have been injured while on duty. You can find out more about the cases and their potential benefits by researching the online resources of your local law firm. If you think you might need legal assistance after experiencing an accident related to the Gulf oil spill, it’s important to retain the services of an experienced attorney. A great lawyer will know all of the logistics of fighting this type of case and make sure that your rights are protected at all times.

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