Aspen Dental Lawsuit 2017


A new Aspen Dental lawsuit filed in New York state has alleged widespread abuses of dental care. The company, which is owned by private equity firm Leonard Green & Partners, owns 358 clinics throughout the United States. According to the suit, the company charged with discrimination in marketing services and billing practices has received over 300 complaints since 2005. They have also been accused of misleading advertisements, upselling unnecessary medical services, and deceptive billing practices.

The Aspen Dental lawsuit contends that the company lured consumers with promises of free dental services and then forced them into debt over bills they never received. This practice took advantage of ill-informed consumers seeking emergency dental care. While the initial exam was free, Aspen then billed for emergency examinations. The company agreed to discontinue its false advertising of free services and set strict limits. But, it hasn’t ceased the abuses.

The company is facing multiple lawsuits after misrepresenting its services to patients.

Some consumers have sued Aspen Dental for false advertising that induced financial hardship. The practice claims that it trained dentists to misrepresent their practices to patients. It also allegedly set production targets for dentists, which put pressure on them to hit those targets. Sadly, Aspen’s reputation as a dental clinic is tarnished.

Aspen Dental’s lawsuit against its employees outlines some claims regarding the practices they supposedly abused. This includes charges of illegally practicing medicine, which can lead to a criminal conviction. While Aspen’s claims aren’t surprising, they are troubling. The company has a history of misrepresentation, which has resulted in a lawsuit being brought against them. Aspen’s corporate structure focuses on the production of dentists, not their patient’s oral health.

In the lawsuit, plaintiffs are seeking compensatory damages for all treatments they received. This includes a hefty $450,000 civil penalty for each instance where an Aspen dentist misrepresents their practice. They allege that the company deprived them of the best care. The company was found guilty of violating its ethical duties, which makes it impossible to practice dentistry in the United States. In addition, a recent Aspen dental lawsuit cited in the complaint reflects the growing popularity of “Corporate Dentistry” among patients.

The plaintiffs claim that Aspen Dental practices violated state laws and practices.

They were able to set production goals without any consideration of the patients’ needs. In addition, they claimed that their dentists were not being fully compensated for their work. Legal action against Aspen dental in the United States will help the company pay compensation to the victims. But it isn’t enough to prove that Aspen Dental violated the law. The complaint states that Aspen’s practice of dentistry is illegal.

A new Aspen dental lawsuit filed in New York claims that Aspen violated the law by enforcing its business practices illegally. The company also allegedly imposed strict production goals on its dentists, which was not in their best interest. Aspen has denied the claims but has admitted that it was “intentionally violating” the law. Aspen is currently subject to an investigation by federal courts. However, in many cases, there is no evidence to support the allegations against Aspen.

Aspen Dental was convicted of felony charges for allegedly defrauding consumers of dental services.

The plaintiffs allege that the company knowingly hired independent contractors and employed dentists to perform dental work. They then billed the individuals for the work they performed after they were no longer able to afford the practice. This is considered illegal in Massachusetts, and the company has agreed to cease the practice. This lawsuit will help the Massachusetts consumer.

The Aspen dental lawsuit claims that Aspen violated the law by practicing medicine by hiring unlicensed dentists to perform dental services. This is a legal claim based on the fact that Aspen has violated the antitrust laws of the United States and the European Union. Thus, the corporate structure of Aspen interferes with its dentists’ ethical obligations. They claim that the company’s employees have allegedly violated the law by violating the antitrust laws.

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