A Guide To The Different Types Of Solicitors


When it comes to solicitors and their practice area, each one of them have their own demands in terms of working practices, knowledge, remuneration and temperament.

That said, here we’ve put together a comprehensive guide explaining the different types of solicitors and the array of practice areas they specialise in.

Through this, whether you’re looking for a commercial lawyer or family solicitor, you can easily understand the different roles and responsibilities they take up. You’ll also be able to choose the right solicitor who best suits your legal requirements.

Different Types of Lawyers

Law is a vast subject and therefore, it’s uncommon for you to expect every solicitor to have extensive subject matter expertise in every practice area. For this very reason, many lawyers decide to become experts in one or more forms of law.

Additionally, with several specialisms available when it comes to solicitors, it can get difficult to choose the one that best represents your case.

To clear the confusion and help you find the right person for your legal case, here we’ve mentioned the top seven lawyers and the practice areas that they mainly focus on.

Let’s take a look!

1. Commercial Law Solicitors

A commercial solicitor, as the name suggests, mainly deals with the elements of law that are directly related to a commercial business. However, this specialisation could be quite extensive since there are various laws involved, affecting your business operations in different ways.

Amongst the various responsibilities, commercial law solicitors help your business negotiate mergers, create legal documents and settle disputes. They also work in teams to make sure all your business needs are taken care of!

2. Personal Injury Lawyers

Again, as their name suggests, personal injury lawyers focus on helping people who’ve been hurt in an incident or accident, which wasn’t their fault. The injuries covered by them range from minor wounds to major accidents that lead to death.

Since such incidents can leave you in trauma along with expensive medical bills, preventing you from earning to your full potential, personal injury lawyers aim to help you secure your compensation that you truly deserve. These solicitors also help promote better practices in various areas to avoid the same incident from happening to someone else.

3. Family Law Solicitors

A family lawyer specialises in areas that solely focuses on family life. This involves legal issues like divorce proceedings, child custody, matrimonial agreements and child support arrangements.

When it comes to family law, however, it’s important for these solicitors to have a strong negotiation and conflict resolution skill. This is because only with these skills will they be able to capture a fair resolution for you and other dependents of your family.

4. Immigration Lawyers

With the main focus on promoting the interests of their clients, immigration lawyers deal with migration laws, asylum laws and immigration. While these services are relevant for those wanting to legally shift to the UK, they’re also applicable to those from the UK planning to emigrate to another nation.

Moreover, immigration lawyers can assist you with all the required documentation while also filling out the necessary paperwork required to take up residency in a different country.

5. Employment Law Solicitors

Employment lawyers either represent employees or their employers.

While they offer guidance to employers to make sure their actions are within the set laws, they provide professional assistance to employees who think their right has been infringed by their employers.

Usually the cases handled by employment lawyers include discrimination at the workplace, dangerous working conditions, unfair dismissal, recruitment and retention problems, salary issues and other employement related policies. They can also act as mediation experts for any of the above mentioned scenarios.

6. Wills and Probate Lawyers

Lawyers who have a specialisation in Wills and Probate have a high level of experience dealing with assets and estate of a deceased person. Alongside helping you create a testament and Will, these lawyers also administer estates after the death of the person who owned it.

In certain cases, when undisputed Wills are created before the person’s death, the estate is simply divided based on the last testament and Will.

Having said that, in various circumstances, it’s not as simple and clear as this; solicitors need to assist in administering the person’s estate by leveraging law as a guide.

7. Divorce Solicitors

For every couple, it’s their wish that their wedding lasts forever. However, for some of them, this isn’t the case.

That said, in the event of a divorce, you’ll require a divorce solicitor and you need to contact them as soon as you can. This lawyer you hire will make sure that you’re receiving your fair share, which basically means a fair settlement and an equal division of property ownership.


While these were the top seven types of solicitors, there are more lawyers practicing in different fields of law.

If you need one for your legal case, make sure you’re hiring someone who has not only specialised in that particular field but also has the knowledge and skills to handle the case properly.

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